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Service You Can Depend On

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Being experienced in any field goes a long way, and I have plenty as a Realtor®!

8+ Years of Experience

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Over the years, I have helped 60+ clients sell and/or purchase their home.

60+ Clients Served

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One thing my clients have in common is they were all happy with their decision to hire me as their Realtor®.

100% Satisfaction

About Us

Why Hire Valencia?

As a homeowner, an investment property owner, and having sold and purchased homes of my own, I can empathize with the oftentimes emotional rollercoaster ride you'll face during your home selling and/or purchasing journey.


Coupled with the knowledge, skills and experience I have acquired during my seven plus years as a Realtor, as a previous business development professional at a Top 10 DC law firm, I am a stickler when it comes to ensuring the accuracy of the sales contract and always double check that every "I" is dotted and every "T" is crossed so there are no hiccups down the road.


What My Clients Say About Me


"Valencia represented us as our listing agent and did a wonderful job showcasing our property for sale.  She took her time to explain the listing agreement and answered any questions we had.  Valencia's sales strategy was sound and she respected our desire with showing the property and scheduling an open house"

Don & Carol Dawkins


"Valencia Simmons is very professional, knowledgeable, proactive, responsible and friendly. She was always willing to help and provide solutions whenever things didn't happen as expected. 
She was almost perfect for being a human being ( I know she will laugh at this comment)."

Nilda Barreto


"Valencia has now worked with us as our listing Agent and Buying Agent.
She worked to support us with the negotiations and was a listening ear when the seller delayed the closing a couple times. We are happy with our new home and appreciate the support we received."

Don & Carol Dawkins


" Valencia researched comps in the area, advised us of changes to make our house more attractive to buyers, and marketed our home on several sites. She would always take our calls and answer any questions we had with a smile. You will not find a more patient, knowledgeable, or dependable agent as Valencia! " 

Ebony Fowlkes Harley

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I sell my current home before purchasing a new one?
    There is no “correct” answer to this question. There are pros and cons to buying a home before selling your current home and the same can be said about selling your current home, before buying another.
  • What improvements will help my home sell quickly?
    Start with the basics. Declutter (limit personal effects) fix all minor mechanical issues (such as loose doorknobs and leaky plumbing), clean everything well, keep the yard maintained, and put fresh pine straw or mulch in the flower beds. Power wash decks and other surfaces if needed.
  • Should I talk with a bank before looking at homes?
    YES! There are tons of reasons why you should talk with a bank and get pre-approved before looking at homes. First and foremost, talking with a bank before looking at homes can help you understand exactly how much you can afford. There is no reason to look at homes that are listed for $500,000 if you can only afford up to $400,000.
  • Will you hold an open house?
    Open houses may make you feel good, since people are stopping by to see your home, but they are rarely effective for producing a sale. These events usually draw prospects just beginning to look at homes. They are getting a feel for the market and are not usually ready to make a commitment, even if they love your home. Often the “visitors” are curious neighbors. Our professional marketing plan will offer more effective ways to sell your home.
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